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We are Flora Gregory and Natalie Koffman: collaborators in exploring the human relationship with nature.


We are inspired and motivated in our individual and collaborative works by increasingly urgent ecological and planetary concerns, and communities around the world taking local action to protect their environments.



Nature Rights draws inspiration from the history of Human-Nature relationship, the groundswell of grassroots community environmental action and the Stop Ecocide movement.


Join us, in a rare opportunity away from everyday life, on a compelling journey through time as we unravel a story of humans’ relationship with nature from 6000 BC to the present day…. and imagine a future where Nature’s Rights are recognised. 


This interactive participatory event combines visual arts, performance and dialogue. It creates a space to come together to watch, read, question, talk and listen, and imagine collectively and individually ways of living more in harmony alongside our planetary cohabitants and within planetary means.

The event is about 3.5 hours long and can also be extended to a full day. It can be adapted for different events and audiences.

Totally inspiring and brilliant.
Thank you.

'unless we take it upon ourselves to understand  what has shaped our relationship with nature and to imagine the future we want, others will imagine and shape our future for us'

Nature Rights participant



Who is Nature Rights for?

Our event, ‘Nature Rights’ is for diverse audiences from 11 years upwards.  We work with community gardens, groups of college students,and festivals. We are planning future events with inner city schools, councils’ district planning departments, companies and various local community initiatives around the UK and Northern Ireland considering Natures' Rights.


Where we have been so far?

Oxford Green Week, Headington Hall, Oxford Brookes University; Barracks Lane Community Garden, Oxford; Olden Community Garden, Islington, London; Primadonna Literary Festival, Stowmarket, Suffolk; Charlbury Memorial Hall, Oxfordshire; London College of Communications, University of the Arts, London; Rye Bakery,Frome; Omved Gardens, Highgate, London.

Contact us

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about Nature Rights or to book us for an event.

Can you imagine a future where Nature's Rights are recognised? 

What's your part in this future?

'Every part of the earth is sacred to my people, rivers are our brothers, the earth our mother'

Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Tribe, 1853


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